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“An invigorating space providing ecologically-minded motivation to improve your body, mind and conscience.”

Marissa Bright - Founder


The Jungle Gym & EcoLodge has just expanded to provide our guests with everything they need in order to get healthy while enjoying the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and our renewed vision has expanded to include comfortable accommodations, fitness bootcamp packages, a cafe serving up healthy bites and tasty beverages, as well as a community centre. 


Our mission is two-fold. We welcome you to join us.


We’d like our guests to know that the party is just one small piece of what Koh Phangan has to offer. Whilst the moon is waxing and waning, the pace on the island winds down and the atmosphere relaxes back to “Thai time.”

Haad Rin Eco Projects

The Jungle Gym & EcoLodge plays an integral role in bringing together the international community of Koh Phangan. We have dedicated half of our space to the community, and invite all to come and enjoy our new lounge. Try a healthy snack made from fresh, local ingredients at our cafe. Or a specialty cocktail, muddled with mint grown in our own organic garden.


Since 1985, our beloved island has been home to the Full Moon Party. Each month, up to 30,000 revelers swarm Haad Rin Nok beach to party all night long. The economy on Koh Phangan thrives during the full moon as the event draws new visitors each month but unfortunately, it also has a major impact on our island environment. That’s why we decided to do something about it. We’ve partnered with the Haad Rin Business Association and many local businesses on a number of green initiatives, and work proactively within the community to spread eco-awareness and education to help reduce the environmental impact of the tourism industry. By providing our guests and community members with a functional, inspirational space, we can create and promote a culture of sustainability for our wonderful island.


Biodegradable Drinking Straws

The most popular drink in Haad Rin is a bucket. Remember those plastic sand pails you used as kid to build sandcastles? Well, those buckets are filled with spirits mixed strong to keep FMP attendees dancing through sunrise. Thousands and thousands of buckets are consumed each month. The great thing about this cocktail is that the container is reusable! However, each bucket is served with at least four plastic drinking straws.  Although the Haad Rin Business Association cleans up the beach after every party, thousands of straws escape into the sea - which is no good for our ocean ecology. Jungle Gym orders compostable drinking straws in bulk and distributes them to local bars and restaurants in Haad Rin to help alleviate the problem of plastic pollution.


Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Cities around the world have been banning plastic shopping bags for good reason - they NEVER biodegrade. Jungle Gym provides eco-friendly shopping bags to all of our guests to alleviate the need for one-time-use plastic bags. Not only are they good for the environment, but they’re stylish to boot! 


Organic Garden

The Jungle Lodge features an organic gardening bed, where we grow food and herbs to serve at the cafe. Our guests are welcome to help us cultivate and harvest our bounty.


Environmental Exhibitions

Each month, the Jungle Gym lounge will feature a new exhibit about the environment. For the grand opening, we will display the photographic “History of Haad Rin”. 



Jungle Gym & EcoLodge has produced an easy-to-follow guideline for guests interested in helping keep our community clean. This is available online and at the reception desk. Our staff also holds regular education programs for the local school children and partners with schools to educate the next generation on the importance of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.


Eco-Friendly Building Materials

The new and improved Jungle Gym has been designed to be environmentally friendly. We use only LED lightbulbs to save energy, and our space has been outfitted with energy-saving windows to keep the A/C in and the humidity out. Our furniture has all been repurposed to live out a “second life” in our community centre. 


Haad Rin Recycling Program

Jungle Gym provides three recycling bins for community use. We are also working with the Haad Rin Business Association to install additional rubbish and recycling bins throughout the community to mitigate the amount of rubbish that ends up on the ground. Our #KohClean campaign aids in spreading the word around the island… have you seen our sticker?


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